Akustikdämmplatte im Detail

Akustipur – The innovative and effective multi-purpose acoustic panel

Both sides acoustically effective; symmetric layout prevents warping; fully uncomplicated and simple to process.
The micro-perforations provide an attractive, visually calm surface, preventing eye irritation. Akustipur panels can be painted and do not require any mounting frame. This ensures maximum flexibility and quick access during the production process.
The perforation layout developed by us with mat core in the panel makes Akustipur ideal for use as a material for acoustically effective furniture and interior finishing, without requiring special cut sections for hinges, handles, etc. Frequently, existing furniture can be retrofitted with acoustic fronts with matching appearance. There is no additional space requirement for further acoustic insulating materials or sub-constructions.

Particularly high absorption values in nearly all frequency ranges distinguish Akustipur as highly effective and suitable for all acoustic applications.

Max. dimensions 4080 mm  x 1300 mm
Edge width as desired

Akustipur is available in fire safety classes B2 and B1.